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Well as you everyone knows my Ravens won and everyone has them back in the Super Bowl. LSU and Bama dominated and it looks like the National Championship is set. This weeks topic is Stevie Johnson’s TD celebration. After scoring on the Island he preceded to start a a celebration dance then made a gun with his fingers and shot himself in the leg and hobbled around. The ran around with his arms outstretched and fell down.

Now everyone is mad at Stevie for doing his celebration. Saying it’s disrespectful to Plax? Get the fuck outta here. He shot himself in the leg!! It really happened and he went to jail for having a concealed weapon. It’s not Stevie’s fault Plax is an idiot. When you do something so stupid, fuck you, you deserve to be made fun of. It’s like the NFL wants to avoid having their fans reminded that their employees are stupid criminals. Then what really got me is one of the Jets players actually said the whole Jet crashing thing is disrespectful cause of 9/11? Like really? Do you know the name of the team you play for? I guess it’s also disrespectful to NYC when ya’ll crash and burn every season.

I want to start a fund to pay the fines of any players who do the following touchdown celebrations*:

1. [while playing the Eagles] form a dog fighting pit in the endzone, have two lineman spar, kill loser

2. [while playing the Steelers] sexually assault a cheerleader in the bathroom.

*mock celebrations (I’m not advocating raping or killing anyone fucker)