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Last night as I’m watching “Adult Swim,” and lamenting on the lack of original [good] cartoons they show (remember “Sea Lab 2021,” and “The Oblongs”?), I see a commercial for the iPad. As I’m watching this commercial I’m thinking, “what kind of idiot would buy an iPad to do the things they show on this commercial?” So today I go online to find said commercial. After a quick Google/YouTube search doesn’t produce it, I go to the source. And the great Apple can’t recognise QuickTime on my computer… nice.

Ok an hour later after finding out i have to pay host embedded videos on here (pay hell no!!! 000webhost.com is free!!), I can show you the offending commercial. Ok maybe not they won’t let me embed videos not hosted here either. Bastards… I guess I’ll just put the youtube links up here:

Ok this starts off with a little-league basketball coach using his iPad to draw up plays in what looks to be a timeout situation. I for one am not gonna be using a $500 electronic device when a simple $5 dry-erase board will suffice. If I drop the dry-erase board I’m not punching one of the kids cause I’m pissed off I just dropped my $500 iPad coaching little league basketball; that I ain’t even getting paid for. It then goes to a person using the iPad for guitar effects. This was the thing that really blew me. Ok I’m supposed to believe that I can seriously use this, what; in place of a pedal? When one good pedal will cost damn near the price of one of these things. You think that shit sounds any good on an iPad? See what software pedals/racks run you from ProTools. The third shot is a man using the iPad to see a 3d model to make a clay model car off. Again not very plausible.

This next one I found while looking for the first. What struck me was the fact that the user was watching TED seminars on the iPad. If you are not aware what a TED seminar is, here is a pretty good description. The bottom line is the iPad is marketed as this amasing that does everything… awesomely. But in reality does most of those things sup-par. Most smartphones are almost as capable and laptops are vastly superior. Tablets in general are dumb… but the claims Apple expects us to believe in it’s commercials are just ridiculous. If they were still updating stuffwhitepeoplelike.com I’m sure the iPad would be on there.