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Every Tuesday instead of bitch about the mainstream shit that’s just been released, I’m gonna highlight an under-rated MC. The first week is gonna be a MC who’s been a personal favourite of mine for quite some time; Hell Razah aka Heaven Razah. “Razah Reborn” is the first proper release of new material since he suffered a brain hemorrhage in April 2010. Nothing on the album is mind-blowing, but it is another solid release. Several track that he doesn’t actually appear on are puzzling… but then again that’s something you can expect from any Wu/Wu-affiliate. Beats ain’t crazy… but the production is precise, on point, and very impressive. Overall it’s a dope hip-hop album that you can sit back n chill to that ain’t on some r&b’y shit.

Heaven Razah’s “Razah Reborn album can be found here:

Other albums that come highly highly recommended by me under the name Hell Razah include “Renaissance Child” and Sunz of Man Presents: “Hell Razah and 4th Disciple: Freedom of Speech.”