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LSU, Alabama, Arkansas… need I say more about college football? Actually I will. Now I agree with everyone that there should be a playoff system in the BCS. But a part of me doesn’t; and after last Friday night a big part of me doesn’t. Most people probably did not watch the Friday evening match-up against [formerly] #2 ranked Oklahoma State against Iowa State. I saw the match-up and turned “Superbad” on. After one of the greatest comedies of the past decade ended I had the game on but wasn’t paying much attention to it. I noticed that OkSt. wasn’t dominating as the were the previous week. In fact, it was a ball game. Watching Iowa State defeat Oklahoma State in double overtime was exciting.

What made it exciting is the fact that they knocked OkSt. out of the BCS hunt. If there was a playoff system this game would not have mattered; OkSt. would still make they playoffs and still have a chance to be champions. It reminded me of the 2007 season as the Big East BCS contenders knocked each other out in round robin fashion. But after each win the winning team was on track to possibly play for a national title. They made for a few consecutive weeks of magical Thursday nights. Most people who don’t follow college football that close really don’t care about that. They just want the excitement at the end, which I can understand; as that’s how I feel about the NBA (if I watch it at all). But for the die-hard fans who want a playoff how quickly do they remember a chilly November evening that changes the whole season.

Now to the big boys. The Ravens defeated the Bengals 31-24 yesterday. It was a divisional game versus a team that Joe Flacco has always struggled against. All in all it was a good effort.

Now let’s hear from general manager Atkins of the Baltimore Ravens. Ray Rice is not a power back, what are we paying Anthony Allen for? Torrey Smith is gonna be a star. We need to focus in the next draft on finding a linebacker to replace Ray Lewis. We have talent, but not elite; not even very good talent. Same with the free safety position. Jimmy Smith looked good getting his first significant playing time of the season, even though he got beat deep; bad. Next up as I’m falling into a Turkey coma will be the San Francisco 49er’s; a better version of the Bengals. It will be a good game and exciting to watch my team on Thanksgiving.

Oh yeah, Maryland lost to Iona this weekend. Um?????? They’re 2-2 now. Hopefully they’re competitive this year. In a couple years they’re going to be a force.