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To anyone who happens to be reading this; I’m sorry. It’s my goal to waste at least five minutes of your time. Hopefully one day I’ll be wasting five minutes of your life everyday. I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Nick Atkins. I’m a 28 year-old un-employed electrician. Been in jail a year (fuck Google, case search me). Just got out not a month ago. I love good music. Mostly hip-hop and r&b that ain’t on the radio. Love football, love the Terps and SEC football (hate Florida). I’m kind of a tech geek, amateur android hacker. Former professional cyclist (I got paid an appearance fee it counts!!). Un-like the prison you don’t usually come home from jail ripped. I came home in terrible shape. I’m trying to get back into riding [maybe racing at some point] bikes again.

So that’s what this blog is mostly gonna be about: music, technology,  and sports. Probably politics too, maybe fashion, um pretty much don’t be surprised to see anything. Disagreeing and arguing is highly encouraged.